The stereotypical backpacker

The Swedish Babe

Often blonde with ample cleavage and impeccable English, the Swedes are everywhere and quite good looking. Not only that they’re not too shy sexually so you’ll be in for a fun time.


You’re going to be fighting off the hordes for a chance at this one!

How To Woo Them

Sing them a Swedish drinking song or impress them by telling them you live in a sunny country somewhere.

The German Backpacker

The German backpacker is a mysterious beast and often unintentionally hilarious. Their sturdy outlook on all things efficient and sexy accents make them too good to pass up. When drunk enjoy them as they directly translate German to English and come up with awkward phrases such as “Can we enter him” and nod enthusiastically when they complain how things aren’t like they are back in Germany while gazing into his magnificent blue eyes.

These magnificent men are often found with other Germans, Austrians (hey, they speak the same language) and Australians.


Sometimes they can be a bit too stubborn.

How To Woo Them

Tell him you’re hungry for some German sausage or up your efficiency.

The Sun Bleached Australian

He says G’day and every girl in the room collectively feels their loins shiver. He’s tan, with sun-bleached hair and a warm smile and you’ll hear him cracking jokes and laughing from a mile away (especially if he’s had a few cold ones). He stands up for what is right with a swift “that’s un-Australian” and keeps you entertained while simultaneously paying you out (all in good fun of course).


He may make one too many fart jokes and get into a biff when he’s drunk. Also since he’s so outgoing you may lose him in a sea of new people.

How To Woo Him

Make some sort of witty down under joke (yes I’m referring to your down under) and show him your witty personality.

The Polish Supermodel Lookalike (Or really any girl from Eastern Europe)

With chiseled cheekbones and a sexy eastern-European accent these girls while quiet during the day, are often the center of attention in hostels.


They can keep to themselves and some may not speak a lot of English (although that’s half the fun right).

How To Woo Them

Learn a few phrases in their native tongue and buy them a breakfast burrito (or some other classier meal) to show them your quite cultured yourself.

The Classic French Beauty

She may be aloof and not too keen on talking to you but the French sure have a way of looking elegant whatever they’re doing. She’ll be the one with a cigarette in hand and normally found with a group of other French backpackers. This girl will have at least one classy black dress in their backpack that looks effortless and chic on her slender frame.


She may not give you the time of day and can occasionally not want to interact too much with outsiders.

How To Woo Her

Speak a little bit of French and clean yourself up a bit – dirty boardshorts won’t cut it here.

The Irish Charmer

He may be speaking English but chances are you won’t understand what he’s saying, but that’s okay his accent is sexy enough to get you through. Often found in Irish pubs in even the most obscure locations this lad will be able to find you the perfect beer when you need it.


While gazing into his blue eyes and falling in lust with his accent he may get annoyed that you don’t understand a thing he’s saying. He also may be drunk often so perhaps he won’t care.

How To Woo Him

Tell him there’s a pot of gold hidden under your sundress… Apart from that though win him with a charismatic personality and a love of laughing.


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