Where To Meet Singles When On Your Backpacking Adventure

man and woman meet on the streets

Are you a solo traveler who is backpacking and looking for a date at the same time? Do you want to meet singles backpacking like you as well? Do you want to know some places where you can meet them? If yes, here are the best places for meeting singles who are also backpacking.


two travelers meet at a hostelWhat better place to find single travelers than the place where you all go to sleep? The hostel’s lounging area is definitely packed with single travelers. You can just go to someone, ask about their trip so far and the rest is up to you. These people are likely to be looking for someone to talk to about their adventurous day.


Clubs have two international purposes. First, it is there so people can party. Secondly, it’s there for people to get to know each other and make friends and of course, find potential dates. It is easy to spot the single ones since they either came with their same-sex friends or they came alone.


If you don’t like looking for singles in clubs, then going to a restaurant can be the right place for you. Solo travelers are not only hungry for adventure but they are also hungry for native delicacies. Going to restaurants during peak hours can be to your advantage. There is a great chance that those single travelers will have a table for himself or herself where you can politely ask him or her if you can share the table.man and woman meet on the streets

Tourist Spots

Where can you see all tourists flocking especially the singles? Of course, no other place than the tourist spots themselves. Travelers go to these iconic places to take pictures. You can offer a solo traveler to take a photograph of him or her with the statue or scenery. Then, you can take turns. Then, the next thing you know, you already had each others phone number.


Wherever county you go, there will always be places where you can meet singles backpacking. You just have to be creative and gumptious to where and how are you going to meet them. Do not forget to use your charm and manners so you can attract these people to you.