Escaping the cold weather with the best October destinations in Europe

winter holidays

When the cold weather hits Europe, man it can be freezing cold. This can really dampen one’s plans especially if you are someone who enjoys the outdoors. All is not lost though. Much as we can’t control the weather, at least we can control where we want to be. How about planning a holiday where it’s a little warmer?

Well, below are some of the warmer places in Europe you can escape to.

Sunny winter destinations in Europe


Cyprus is the best place to run away from the cold weather. Even during winter, the temperatures are very bearable. So if you are looking for a sunny break, then head on there.  

You won’t just enjoy the culture. There are the rich culture, history and the amazing food that come with the sun. Now, one thing you will love on this island is the wonderful white sandy beaches. And if you are one who loves archaeology, museums, and historic sites, then Cyprus is the perfect pick. All you have to do is just pick a city. 

One thing you will appreciate is the nightlife and the great restaurants along the beaches. But trust me, this place is very accommodating even for those with families.

With balmy winter temperatures hovering around 20°C, Cyprus is an excellent choice for a sunny break filled with culture, history, and mouthwatering food.

Escape the cold weather in Spain

spain holiday

If there is a place that is warm all year round in Europe is the Canary Islands in Spain. Just like Cyprus, this place is rich in culture, unique traditions and has got wonderful beaches. The landscape is amazing. Plus if you are looking to unwind, then this is your perfect holiday destination. There is a lot you can do here. Watersports, lazing on the beaches, dancing… you name it. One thing for sure is when there, you will get your required dose of vitamin D.


Tourists love this place because of its sublime landscape. There is a great view of the caldera, volcano, and wonderful sunsets. So if you are looking for warmth and a romantic getaway, you will have both here.