So Close I Can Taste The Tequila

I can’t believe the time is passing so fast, I almost want it to slow down a little. Over the last month or so I have been insanely busy with uni, exams have been a bitch and I’ve spent pretty much the entire last three weeks studying and catching up on lectures. Thank god its finally over. I also put in my resignation at work which feels amazing – I finish up on the 6th.

It also is an incredible feeling to be able to put my money where my mouth is – so to speak. I actually feel excited telling people about it now, compared to not so long ago where I dreaded the topic coming up and would talk it down when it did come up. This was mostly due to the “humoring” and the disbelief when I bought up the trip. A lot of people assume that just because they don’t have the self restraint to save for the things they want, it most definitely wouldn’t be possible for me – it was very frustrating. Then there was the constant fear of looking like I was one upping the ones who actually thought it was achievable – when they were getting all excited about their amazing 3 week trip it definitely made me look like a douche when I mentioned mine was atleast eighteen months long.

I was actually meant to write a post about this but uni got in the way (again). For a couple of months I would avoid the subject, make it sound like it isn’t the most exciting thing that is about to happen in my life, and I would point out the negative points of long term travel when i did talk about it etc.

But anyway, I don’t care so much anymore, I’ve learnt that you cant talk your highlights down just because you’re worried you may seem to ‘one up’ others, you’ve just got to be a little sensitive about it. Obviously I’m not going to go overboard tell anyone that I think my trip is better than theirs (because I don’t believe that anyway), but I’m not going to be afraid to talk about it if I’m asked – I’ll just keep it short.

It’s so weird to think its finally happening though – it has always seemed so far off in the future. We’ve been planning for over two years (and saving of course) and a couple things have changed from the initial idea.

It started off when we booked our first trip to India with Intrepid in 2009. I decided the next trip would be a contiki tour – a natural choice as my life revolved around clubbing when I was twenty. The it expanded to include South East Asia because it seemed like a prime spot for young people and it had cheap mushroom shakes (because fun was the number one game back then).

Then I thought Fuck it, why take a Contiki tour when I can do it independently and save a bunch of money. The idea expanded to include South America and India. I planned the crap out of our itinerary for the next year – I planned so much and Google and read the LP guide until I felt like I had already done the trip. I then decided to not really have a plan at all and scrapped everything. Sure I still want to visit all those places but if I don’t get to all of them it wont be the end of the world – now we’re just going to start in Costa Rica (after my exchange in Mexico) and move downwards at a comfortable place. My orignal itinerary.

This in itself is a great thing for me. I’ve always been a control freak – I would control everything I could and I would practically plan my whole life out. Now though I’ve realized there’s more fun in not knowing and travel is a wonderful outlet for that. I want to see where I end up if I just go with the flow.  I want to go back to the ‘young’ me who’s main goals were seeking out the fun and spontaneity. I used to be fun, but two years of saving (even though it was totally worth it) dragged me away from the pretty clothes and nightlife – and I miss it a bit. I miss having crazy stories to tell and meeting new people all the time, it feels so amazing to know that come July 11th I’ll be able to do that again.

But I’ve gone way off topic here. The title mentions tequila, and I haven’t spoken about it at all.

Did you know I like tequila? Did you know the state I’m going to is the creator of tequila?

It’s going to be a fun semester.

It could only be better if there were sloths in Mexico, but tacos will suffice.

And I’m going to be fun – fun Ally is back. Lock up your non-existent sloths Mexico because I’m coming for you!

I’d love to hear if any of you have been on study abroad to a country that was totally different to your own – especially if you couldn’t speak too much of the language.