How to pack effectively for your backpacking travel adventure


When it comes to backpacking, your travel pack needs to be as light as possible. See, you are going on an adventure. So you need to pack effectively. And when you do so, you will be shocked how much your bag can hold.

For people who are doing this for the first time, they tend to carry too many clothes that they probably won’t need for the adventure. And when you do so, chances are that you might even forget to put in some of the things you might need.  Plus, carrying lots of stuff means your bag will be heavier. This might make you not enjoy the whole adventure. The key is to keep it simple. Is what you are carrying necessary? Will you use everything you are carrying?

Advice on the best way to pack for a backpacking adventure.

1. Have all essentials close to you for easy access 

If you are going camping, for instance, you will not need your sleeping bag or the extra pair of shoes that you are bringing on the trip. Such things need to be at the bottom of your travel pack. Put all bulky gear and all non-essential stuff at the bottom. Put the things that you might need immediately at the top. For instance, snacks and maybe a jacket in case it gets cold. Have your water bottle on the side. 

Much as you are packing them for easy access, beware of thieves. Put things like your card safely.

2. Utilize your backpack well

There are a few tips you might use in order to accommodate lots of stuff. For instance, you could put all your socks in your shoes to create more space for other essentials. Another tip is to roll stuff into smaller pieces. 

3. Make your travel pack light.

 Don’t take anything you won’t need on your adventure. Always pack light. Packing lots of stuff can make you a target for thieves.  Also, you might end up losing stuff




Australia vs New Zealand – where to head on your next sunset chasing holiday

down under destinations

Australia vs New Zealand? Which one is best suited for your holiday needs?

The thing with these two places is that they are similar. First off, they are near one another. Secondly, they have pretty much the same culture. So for someone who doesn’t live in the land down under, it can be quite challenging to take a pick.

There are things that make both destinations stand out. Both places have amazing landscapes. So, the only way for one to make a decision on where to vacation, we need to highlight these features.

Differences between New Zealand and Australia

australia beachIt all depends on what you are really looking for out of a vacation. The thing is: Newzealand is greener and more mountainous than Australia. Australia is great during summer. You can enjoy some great warm weather, beach walks, and beachside sunsets. At the same time, there are so many water-based activities that you can indulge in. These involve things like surfing, snorkeling, even swimming with sea lions.

New Zealand, on the other hand, is great if going in spring/autumn. You can enjoy the wonderful forest areas, mountain climbing escapades and also camp side sunsets. It’s also known for its massive adrenaline activities. So if you are an adrenaline junky, then this is the holiday destination for you.

Australia vs New Zealand pocket-wise

Be it hotels or flights, Australia is generally more expensive than New Zealand. That said, Australia attracts more tourists because of the large tourist infrastructure in place. The cities are also larger than those in New Zealand. If you want the hip nightlife, then Australia is it for you. Its got trendier bars and nightclubs. Besides that, you can also enjoy the shopping malls while there.

wellington night out

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That said, places like Auckland and Wellington in Newzealand will make your nightlife worth the while. So you need to know where to find the night spots.

So what should you choose?

The choice between these two down under countries depends on you.  The thing is: Wherever you choose to go is entirely up to you.  Australia vs New Zealand, all that matters is what satisfies your vacation needs.


Our Tips For The Best Places In The World To Travel During June

best places to travel in June

June is a great time to plan a vacation around the word and you can find many different options according to your travel needs, June is a time when you can find cold, warm and tropical destinations all available.

How to choose your travel destination?

  • Know what you desire before planning a vacation, whether you are looking for a worm whether or party atmosphere, whether you are in pursuit of historical places or want to chill on beautiful beaches.
  • Know what your body need is a second step to decide your destination, your desires, and your body needs might differ. It’s important to listen to your body needs. The happy and relaxed body will elevate your satisfaction level.
  • How much time do you have to spend on your vacation, like you cant visit Rome in a single day but you can have a great weekend on some best party beaches. Time is another important factor to be taken care of.
  • Budget is the most crucial part of planning a vacation.
  • Research about the destination once you are confirmed about your mind and body requirements, time and budget of the travel plan.
  • Food is an important element of any vacation plan, research about the local cuisine before finalizing the destination.

best places to travel in June

Best Places To Visit In June


When it comes to searching for best places to travel in June, Rome should definitely be on your priority list. This beautiful city is full of world heritage and can give you a lifetime experience.

In June the temperature of the town is quite warm and pleasant and you should be expecting light showers of rain as well. You can expect the temperature to be around 17-28 degree Celsius.

This city have something to offer to everyone, you can witness the glory of ancient Roman empire and how they created the whole city, this city got some exceptional fashion sense as well so might prove to be a perfect shopping destination for you as well.

To enjoy the visit to this truly legendary city you should give at least a week of time and you should definitely not consider this trip to be a cheap destination.


Based around 2 large harbors, is a major city in the north of New Zealand’s North Island. In the center, the iconic Sky Tower has views of Viaduct Harbour, which is full of superyachts and lined with bars and cafes.

You can expect the temperature to be between 10-15 degree Celsius, so don’t forget to pack some winter cloth in your luggage. June is a time when you will be able to experience a lot of fun with various festivals and awesome food.

If you are making a family travel plan then Auckland is definitely best places to travel in June.


IF you are looking for a classic beach holiday then Devon will not turn you down, a perfect couple holiday destination with many different water sports activities, acres of beautiful beaches, fishing village, and the best pubs.


If you are looking for a perfect warm place to spend your winter vacation then no other option can be better than Bali.

Bali can be a great holiday destination for someone with a low budget, Bali has everything to offer from great nightlife to beautiful beaches, international cuisines to cheap fishing villages.

Temperature can be expected to be around 25 degrees in the month of June, which can be a perfect destination to get some sunbath.

The joys of backpacking around the world

backpacker sitting on a mountaintop
For me, backpacking around the world has always been a huge passion. I’ve visited tons of different cities and countries in my time and each adventure has always left me with a deep sense of accomplishment and amazement when it is over. Moreover, these journeys have led me to create this website about why I absolutely love backpacking around the world and why you will too if you ever try it.

The People
First and foremost, when backpacking around the world, whether it be alone or with a friend/group of people, one of the best parts of the whole journey is meeting people in hostels in every city that you visit. Not only are they extremely friendly (most of the time) but take the time out of their day to make you feel welcome and provide you with great company and memories. Furthermore, they tell stories that capture what it’s like to live the backpacking life. Basically, the people you meet along the journey are definitely the major factor that makes you want to go back over anything else. backpackers having fun in hostel

The Food
Secondly, another reason why I truly enjoy traveling around the world is that you get to experience and eat food that you’re not used to or have never tried. Most of the time, the food is absolutely amazing, rich in flavor and taste as well as seasoned with only the best spices and blends that the area has to offer. In other words, it’s great to be able to take a break from the normal breakfast, lunch, and dinners that you’re used to at home and indulge in one of a kind foreign food.

The Scenery/Wildlife
Finally, when traveling through some places around the world, it’s easy to get caught up in your surroundings as some of the cities you travel to and see offer some of the best scenic views. From bushy rain forests and gigantic mountains to the rarest species of animals, many places that you may find yourself traveling through will leave you breathless and in awe of what you are seeing. kangaroo on beach

In conclusion, these are just a few reasons that I can come up with off the top of my head as to why backpacking is one of my favorite past times and why I highly recommend it to anyone who has the time, or the desire to do it.

India Travel Tips

Travel Tips for India

Do you need some tips for travel in India? Check these bad boys out:

  1. Drink lots of chai: Seriously this shit is amazing, and tastes nothing like the chai back home. I lived of chai tea while I was in India. Love, love, love!
  2. Don’t freak out after hearing your can’t bring Rupees into India and then change all your converted money back into dollars before flying to India: I did this when we visited in 2009 even after being told it wasn’t really enforced by an Indian friend. I had already changed some money into rupees but freaked out after being told by the travel agent that I wasn’t allowed to bring the currency into the country. A costly annoyance. You should be fine to take a bit of money over with you, but its up to you, I have since been told by a large amount of people that it is indeed not enforced but if your worried just don’t change your money over until you arrive in the country.
  3. Turn Vegetarian: Three words – paneer butter masala, the most freaking amazing vegetarian dish I have ever eaten. It’s like butter chicken without the chicken, instead with paneer cheese which soaks up the flavours of whatever yummy sauce its placed in. Anyway my point is that Indian food is so full of flavour that you can go vegertarian without missing out on feeling satisfied.
  4. Keep your cool: It can feel like your a walking dollar sign especially in the north of India. Try to keep your temper in check and resist snapping at the people who are trying to sell you items. Just say no, or ignore them and keep on walking.
  5. Find Ranch Pringles (a must for Australians – they aren’t sold there): Oh my fucking god, have you tried ranch pringles? We found them on our first trip to India and I fell in love! We have since found an overpriced packet every now and then in specialty stores back home in Australia but they never seem to taste as good as they did in India. Okay so this isn’t Indian food (it may be American?) but it was great when I wanted a break from all the paneer butter masala I’ve been eating.
  6. Eat in small, hidden cafes: We found the most amazing small restaurant looking over the lake in Udaipur (atleast I think it was Udaipur, I really wish I had taken more notes from my trip) and it was romantic and peaceful and perfect. Seek out smaller establishments, not only will they be cheaper, you get the chance to actually interact with the staff and other customers in these places. We found we would get approached more by locals (not trying to sell us things)  while eating in smaller places simply because they didn’t get a lot of tourists there and we must have been some sort of novelty.
  7. Don’t assume you have to wear hippy pants: I thought everyone would be rocking the hippy pants or comfy fisherman pants but boy was I wrong. Although in saying this we spent time only in the north, so I can’t speak for everywhere in the country. I was surprised by the amount of people wearing jeans… in March (read: extreme heat)! I don’t think I saw a pair of hippy pants (although I must admit I wasn’t looking out for them), even on tourists. So stick to jeans and long skirts/ dresses if you are visiting the cities, you’ll stand out a bit otherwise (more so than you already will). Of course in the wise words of Chris from Skins you could always just say “Fuck it” and wear them anyway if you find them comfortable.
  8. Keep small change: Always.
  9. Pick a place with a good toilet: Chances are you’ll get the, uh,  ’erge to purge’ at some point during your trip so make sure your hotel has a toilet you wouldn’t mind spending a bit of time on. Oh and pack re-hydration powder,
  10. Do a cooking class: We turned this down because it sounded a bit expensive when we were there and we both totally regretted it. Turns out sometimes they will quote you a higher price when others in the class have come from a pricier tour so you won’t accidentally let it slip that you paid less than the others; the people from our tour group who did do the class got a price nearly half the price of the one mentioned originally.
  11. Visit a wildlife sanctuary: India has animals? Yes, it sure does. I wasn’t too keen on this part of the trip in the beginning but it ended up being one of the highlights of my trip even though we only saw the tiniest bit of a tiger. Oh and the sunset at Ranthambore after a day of animal stalking is simply AMAZING, I have never seen the sun so large and it has been my favourite sunset to date. There aren’t too many animals to see though, but I still loved it.
  12. Talk Cricket: As soon as we mentioned we were Australians every single person that we met started talking about cricket, and those who were trying to sell us things even told us they knew Ricki Ponting (this happened in like four stores – he must be popular with the Indian crowd…). Now I have no idea who Ricki Ponting is (or even if he spells his name in that way) but my boyfriend did, and he found it to be a great way to connect with new people while we were over there even if they were just talking shit.
  13. Join a family or group of friends for a game of Holi: Even though I had some apprehension about going into a stranger’s house it was a lovely way to get smashed over the head with water and paint. Oh and the colour doesn’t come out too easy, I had pink in my hair for like a month, and on my skin for the next few days. No matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t wash it out.
  14. Stay in a castle: Not for your whole stay since it´s a little touristy but try it atleast once. Where else can you stay in an stunning castle for a low price? Not in Australia, that’s for sure.
  15. Get your haggle on: Oh I was fab at haggling, well at the ‘being a hard arse’ part not so much at getting a deal as good as the locals. Even if you don’t want to drive the price down haggling is expected and is a fun little game. Of course you have to remember that this is the shopkeepers livelihood so don’t take it too far but do give it a fair go.