Phuket at Sunset – the perfect destination for my next photo opportunity

Phuket at sunset

If you are looking for a memorable sunset Phuket in Thailand is the ideal place to get this wonderful experience. I have been to so many places but Phuket’s west coast has the best sunset spots to watch it go down the Andaman sea.

Why Phuket, Thailand is the ideal location for a sunset to remember

What makes it perfect is the abundance of beaches and the perfect panoramic viewpoints. Trust me, they are many. You won’t miss a great spot to watch the sunset even if you actively tried. Plus you won’t be able to resist taking a photo of these Instagram-ready sunsets. No filters required. Whether you pick the beaches or hotels, trust me, you will be spoilt for choice.

You can enjoy a drink as you watch your sunset or combine this with a romantic dinner. Here are some of the places you can relax as you enjoy that great sunset Phuket in Thailand.

Karon viewpoint

Before this place went by the name Kata viewpoint. Most people visit this spot because it is a great hillside sunset viewpoint. This place provides a great vantage point to watch the sun go down under the beaches and into the Andaman. Here people who seek the sunsets will be rewarded greatly. Plus you will also get the perfect view of the white sandy beaches of Kata Noi, Kata Yai, and Karon beaches.

Phi Phi Island

The thing about Phi Phi is that you do not need any specific places to enjoy the sunset. The place is full of great sunset viewpoints.  But the place not to miss is the Phi Phi Viewpoint. It has got the most stunning views of the island.

Big Buddha, sunset Phuket

thailand sunsetsThis is one of the greatest landmarks in Phuket. The stature, which stands at 45 meters high offers a great 36o degree of Kata and Karon beaches and the beautiful sunsets. TAke a ride there a few hours before sunset. Have enough time to stop and also enjoy an elephant ride before heading to some of the bars and enjoy the sunset.





Escaping the cold weather with the best October destinations in Europe

winter holidays

When the cold weather hits Europe, man it can be freezing cold. This can really dampen one’s plans especially if you are someone who enjoys the outdoors. All is not lost though. Much as we can’t control the weather, at least we can control where we want to be. How about planning a holiday where it’s a little warmer?

Well, below are some of the warmer places in Europe you can escape to.

Sunny winter destinations in Europe


Cyprus is the best place to run away from the cold weather. Even during winter, the temperatures are very bearable. So if you are looking for a sunny break, then head on there.  

You won’t just enjoy the culture. There are the rich culture, history and the amazing food that come with the sun. Now, one thing you will love on this island is the wonderful white sandy beaches. And if you are one who loves archaeology, museums, and historic sites, then Cyprus is the perfect pick. All you have to do is just pick a city. 

One thing you will appreciate is the nightlife and the great restaurants along the beaches. But trust me, this place is very accommodating even for those with families.

With balmy winter temperatures hovering around 20°C, Cyprus is an excellent choice for a sunny break filled with culture, history, and mouthwatering food.

Escape the cold weather in Spain

spain holiday

If there is a place that is warm all year round in Europe is the Canary Islands in Spain. Just like Cyprus, this place is rich in culture, unique traditions and has got wonderful beaches. The landscape is amazing. Plus if you are looking to unwind, then this is your perfect holiday destination. There is a lot you can do here. Watersports, lazing on the beaches, dancing… you name it. One thing for sure is when there, you will get your required dose of vitamin D.


Tourists love this place because of its sublime landscape. There is a great view of the caldera, volcano, and wonderful sunsets. So if you are looking for warmth and a romantic getaway, you will have both here.


How to pack effectively for your backpacking travel adventure


When it comes to backpacking, your travel pack needs to be as light as possible. See, you are going on an adventure. So you need to pack effectively. And when you do so, you will be shocked how much your bag can hold.

For people who are doing this for the first time, they tend to carry too many clothes that they probably won’t need for the adventure. And when you do so, chances are that you might even forget to put in some of the things you might need.  Plus, carrying lots of stuff means your bag will be heavier. This might make you not enjoy the whole adventure. The key is to keep it simple. Is what you are carrying necessary? Will you use everything you are carrying?

Advice on the best way to pack for a backpacking adventure.

1. Have all essentials close to you for easy access 

If you are going camping, for instance, you will not need your sleeping bag or the extra pair of shoes that you are bringing on the trip. Such things need to be at the bottom of your travel pack. Put all bulky gear and all non-essential stuff at the bottom. Put the things that you might need immediately at the top. For instance, snacks and maybe a jacket in case it gets cold. Have your water bottle on the side. 

Much as you are packing them for easy access, beware of thieves. Put things like your card safely.

2. Utilize your backpack well

There are a few tips you might use in order to accommodate lots of stuff. For instance, you could put all your socks in your shoes to create more space for other essentials. Another tip is to roll stuff into smaller pieces. 

3. Make your travel pack light.

 Don’t take anything you won’t need on your adventure. Always pack light. Packing lots of stuff can make you a target for thieves.  Also, you might end up losing stuff




So Close I Can Taste The Tequila

I can’t believe the time is passing so fast, I almost want it to slow down a little. Over the last month or so I have been insanely busy with uni, exams have been a bitch and I’ve spent pretty much the entire last three weeks studying and catching up on lectures. Thank god its finally over. I also put in my resignation at work which feels amazing – I finish up on the 6th.

It also is an incredible feeling to be able to put my money where my mouth is – so to speak. I actually feel excited telling people about it now, compared to not so long ago where I dreaded the topic coming up and would talk it down when it did come up. This was mostly due to the “humoring” and the disbelief when I bought up the trip. A lot of people assume that just because they don’t have the self restraint to save for the things they want, it most definitely wouldn’t be possible for me – it was very frustrating. Then there was the constant fear of looking like I was one upping the ones who actually thought it was achievable – when they were getting all excited about their amazing 3 week trip it definitely made me look like a douche when I mentioned mine was atleast eighteen months long.

I was actually meant to write a post about this but uni got in the way (again). For a couple of months I would avoid the subject, make it sound like it isn’t the most exciting thing that is about to happen in my life, and I would point out the negative points of long term travel when i did talk about it etc.

But anyway, I don’t care so much anymore, I’ve learnt that you cant talk your highlights down just because you’re worried you may seem to ‘one up’ others, you’ve just got to be a little sensitive about it. Obviously I’m not going to go overboard tell anyone that I think my trip is better than theirs (because I don’t believe that anyway), but I’m not going to be afraid to talk about it if I’m asked – I’ll just keep it short.

It’s so weird to think its finally happening though – it has always seemed so far off in the future. We’ve been planning for over two years (and saving of course) and a couple things have changed from the initial idea.

It started off when we booked our first trip to India with Intrepid in 2009. I decided the next trip would be a contiki tour – a natural choice as my life revolved around clubbing when I was twenty. The it expanded to include South East Asia because it seemed like a prime spot for young people and it had cheap mushroom shakes (because fun was the number one game back then).

Then I thought Fuck it, why take a Contiki tour when I can do it independently and save a bunch of money. The idea expanded to include South America and India. I planned the crap out of our itinerary for the next year – I planned so much and Google and read the LP guide until I felt like I had already done the trip. I then decided to not really have a plan at all and scrapped everything. Sure I still want to visit all those places but if I don’t get to all of them it wont be the end of the world – now we’re just going to start in Costa Rica (after my exchange in Mexico) and move downwards at a comfortable place. My orignal itinerary.

This in itself is a great thing for me. I’ve always been a control freak – I would control everything I could and I would practically plan my whole life out. Now though I’ve realized there’s more fun in not knowing and travel is a wonderful outlet for that. I want to see where I end up if I just go with the flow.  I want to go back to the ‘young’ me who’s main goals were seeking out the fun and spontaneity. I used to be fun, but two years of saving (even though it was totally worth it) dragged me away from the pretty clothes and nightlife – and I miss it a bit. I miss having crazy stories to tell and meeting new people all the time, it feels so amazing to know that come July 11th I’ll be able to do that again.

But I’ve gone way off topic here. The title mentions tequila, and I haven’t spoken about it at all.

Did you know I like tequila? Did you know the state I’m going to is the creator of tequila?

It’s going to be a fun semester.

It could only be better if there were sloths in Mexico, but tacos will suffice.

And I’m going to be fun – fun Ally is back. Lock up your non-existent sloths Mexico because I’m coming for you!

I’d love to hear if any of you have been on study abroad to a country that was totally different to your own – especially if you couldn’t speak too much of the language.

The Most Romantic Places To Travel While Backpacking

Love is in the air. However, there are times you don’t feel it in your city because of the loads of things you do in your hometown. Fortunately, there are romantic travel spots around the world that you can visit. You can feel the love by just being there and breathing the air. You can go to these cities alone with just a backpack. Here are the four most romantic places to travel while backpacking.Kyoto, Paris, Rome, Prague

Prague, the Capital of Czech Republic

The city of Prague is known for its ancient vibes. The city had preserved many historical sites you can visit and explore. The city may not sound romantic but that is during the day. At night, when the city is lit up with beautiful lights. The city is even more mesmerizing. The city’s night light gives off that romantic vibe people are looking for.

Rome, the Capital of Italy

The county itself, Italy, is known to be a very romantic one. So expect the capital itself to be the center of romance in the area. Rome is known to have the most breathtaking architectural sites designed by well-known artists. It is also the home of Italy’s finest restaurants. Every corner of the city just gives off that romantic vibe because of its beauty. Best of all, the locals are good-looking people with amazing accents.

Kyoto, The Former Capital of Japan

What can be more beautiful than nature itself? You do not have to be an environmentalist to fall in love with the beauty of nature. That is why it is so easy to fall in love with Kyoto, Japan. Kyoto is filled with impressive gardens that you can walk around. It also has a lot of ancient palaces and temples that are absolutely breathtaking to explore. The city is most beautiful during springtime because of the infamous cherry blossom season.

Paris, The Capital of France

Paris is called the city of love for many definite reasons. Love is definitely everywhere there. A lot of people visit the city to find love. A lot of couples go there to walk along the River Seine and kiss beneath the Eiffel Tower. The language itself is also known as the language of love. The finest arts are also found in the city.

With these four beautiful cities to visit, you are bound to find romance or just enjoy and fall in love with the place. These cities are not only easy to stroll around but they are also surprisingly cheap. These places are best to travel with your partner. But if you don’t have one, then you can always find someone in one of these cities.

Where To Meet Singles When On Your Backpacking Adventure

man and woman meet on the streets

Are you a solo traveler who is backpacking and looking for a date at the same time? Do you want to meet singles backpacking like you as well? Do you want to know some places where you can meet them? If yes, here are the best places for meeting singles who are also backpacking.


two travelers meet at a hostelWhat better place to find single travelers than the place where you all go to sleep? The hostel’s lounging area is definitely packed with single travelers. You can just go to someone, ask about their trip so far and the rest is up to you. These people are likely to be looking for someone to talk to about their adventurous day.


Clubs have two international purposes. First, it is there so people can party. Secondly, it’s there for people to get to know each other and make friends and of course, find potential dates. It is easy to spot the single ones since they either came with their same-sex friends or they came alone.


If you don’t like looking for singles in clubs, then going to a restaurant can be the right place for you. Solo travelers are not only hungry for adventure but they are also hungry for native delicacies. Going to restaurants during peak hours can be to your advantage. There is a great chance that those single travelers will have a table for himself or herself where you can politely ask him or her if you can share the and woman meet on the streets

Tourist Spots

Where can you see all tourists flocking especially the singles? Of course, no other place than the tourist spots themselves. Travelers go to these iconic places to take pictures. You can offer a solo traveler to take a photograph of him or her with the statue or scenery. Then, you can take turns. Then, the next thing you know, you already had each others phone number.


Wherever county you go, there will always be places where you can meet singles backpacking. You just have to be creative and gumptious to where and how are you going to meet them. Do not forget to use your charm and manners so you can attract these people to you.

Landing A Date With That Foreign Man or Woman

When we travel solo to places, we are bound to meet new people. We are even bound to date foreign man or woman. Dating foreigners may not be something new but dating them in their own country is not as simple as dating them in your country.

In order for you to date foreign man or woman, there are a lot of things that you have to take into consideration. First of all, you are the foreigner in their country. It means that they had the advantage over you. For you to be able to land a date with these foreigners, here are some tips that you can follow.

Do Online Dating First

If your goal in traveling to another country is to date someone, then you should try to look for prospect dates via online dating sites. Online dating sites are joined by millions of people in different countries and races. You can set up an account on more than one dating site. You can choose only the residents of the country you are going to. When you meet someone online, he or she can be your date and your tour guide at the same time.

Learn The Culture And Language Of The Country

When going to a foreign country, it is a must that you know the laws and regulations in that country to avoid any inconveniences and just enjoy your stay. In dating foreign men and women, it is a must that you know their culture and language. You don’t have to know their entire culture or even be fluent in the language. All you have to do is show your foreign date that you are taking interest in their country and you are exerting effort. Anyone would want to date someone who can adjust to his or her culture. That kind of action screams sincerity and seriousness.

Be Friendly To Everyone

If you haven’t got a prospect date, you can always make lots and lots of friends on your trip. Unless they are creeps, don’t snob every bright smile offered to you. Whether that person is a man or a woman, young or old, and good-looking or not, make friends with them. Why should you? Well, remember that these people have local residents as friends. One of their friends could be the one you are looking for. If you’re lucky enough, your friend could even set you up on a date with his or her single and ready to mingle friends.friendly travelers

Be Charming

Aside from being friendly, you have to get your charm on. You cannot attract anybody if you are not someone approachable or dateable. Not only that, you also have to look presentable and smell presentable. You also need to be on your best behavior.

With these tips, you are likely to date a foreign man or woman, whichever you are interested in. However, never ever forget to respect your foreign date. Whether the person is a man or a woman, rich or poor, educated or not, and whatever race he or she belongs to, it is important to treat the person with respect. Remember that showing respect is the best way you can attract anybody to date you.

How To Keep The Fire In The Relationship While Traveling

couples taking pictures in the city

Traveling is a form of escape from reality and stress reliever. That is why people, especially couples travel together. Another purpose why couples travel is in order for them to be strong in their relationship while traveling. They are more likely to stay together than couples who do not travel. Here is how you can keep the fire in your relationship while traveling and why you and your partner should try travel dating.

couples hiking

Appreciate Each Other

Life is full of problems that will make you very distressed. It is the same when you travel. But what makes it better is that you have someone to rely on.

In your moments of weakness, it is so convenient to just hide away in the comfort of your home. But when traveling, you only had each other in a foreign country. This will make you appreciate the support your partner is giving you.

Choose Each Other

When you and your partner travel, you get to meet a lot of people. You are introduced to different cultures, customs, and people of different races. You will also meet and even join fellow travelers who may share your​ interests and even guide you in your travels.

When you travel solo, you are bound to be tempted to have travel crushes that may lead to a vacation fling. But being with your partner throughout your travel will make you realize that the person beside you is far better than what the world has to offer.

Know How To Compromise

When traveling, there are times that you want to do something that your partner may not like. It can be where you will go next or where are you going to eat. Since your vacation time is very limited, there is no time for arguments.

So instead of arguing, both of you can easily learn how to compromise. You are both being trained on how to make decisions together. Both of you will learn how to give and take and just know the vacation and partner matter more than your wants.

Be More Romantic

Traveling is not only a time to escape your everyday stressful life but it is also the time to you do romantic things to your partner every single day of your trip. It can be as planned as dining at a romantic spot. It can also be as simple as holding your partner’s hand while strolling around.

Traveling can make you concentrate only on two things: the enjoyment of your trip and the happiness of your partner. Do as such and the result of this in your relationship is a lot better during the aftermath of the trip.

Become The Best of Friends

A best friend is someone you can trust with anything about you. He or she is someone who will tell you the truth even if it hurts and will defend you if you are oppressed. He or she will listen to you even if you’re just mindlessly ranting and will accept you no matter what.

Not all couples started as friends or even best friends. Some couples started dating the moment they saw each other. But when couples travel, they learn the elements of being friends which helps in building the strong foundation of their romantic relationship while traveling.

couples taking pictures in the city

With these ways and reasons, it is definitely a must that you and your partner should travel together. Traveling is not only for relationship development but also a self-discovery adventure. So make your holidays fruitful by traveling.

Can You Fall In Love While Backpacking The World?

couple kissing near the eiffel tower

Fall in love backpacking the world? When people get tired of the everyday routine of their lives, they would want to travel solo to escape reality and have fun. But for some people, they find love while backpacking the world. They meet people of different races like Asian, Latin, Middle Eastern and black singles.

Many people would wonder. Is falling in love while traveling safe? Can you find a long-term relationship in this way? Are there people who successfully found their significant other while backpacking the world? Actually, they did. Here are two true to life love stories of people who fall in love backpacking the world.


The Boy at the Ferry: Story of Jennifer Park

woman on ferryboatBeing a daughter of an interracial married couple, it did cross my mind that I might marry someone out of my race. And I did and this is how I met my husband.

My family always visit Singapore almost every year when I was still a kid and until now. I had a childhood friend back there that I always visit during my family trip there.

But one time, my Singaporean best friend had recently moved to the Philippines. She invited me to visit her and also tour around the Philippines for a week. I agreed.

So when my family and I visited Singapore again, I parted ways and I rode a ferry to Davao City where my friend will meet me. On the ferry boat ride, I met this Filipino guy. He asked if we could share tables because the dining room was already packed. At first, it was awkward but then he began talking.

We talked the whole time we were in the dining room and throughout the night. We enjoyed each other’s company. He was funny and very courteous. He worked in Singapore and he was traveling back to his hometown which coincidentally, was Davao City. He told me about his hometown and his country which made me even more interested. We both knew that we were already smitten to one another.

The trip took us a day and by morning we reached our port destination. He accompanied me until I met my friend. I thought at that moment that was a goodbye for us which made me very sad. But to my joy, it wasn’t. He offered to be our tour guide which me and my friend happily accepted. Then the rest was history.

Two years later we got married then the following years we had twin girls and a boy. But unfortunately, six years after our marriage, my husband died because of lung cancer. But nevertheless, I don’t ever regret meeting him and I make sure my children will never forget their wonderful father.


The European Date: Story by Sherry Robinson

couple kissing near the eiffel towerEver since I was a kid, I had always dreamt of traveling solo. That is why when I graduated from college, I treated myself to a two-week European Tour. On the first three days of my trip, I was in Prague, Czech Republic. I met a couple of solo travelers there and joined them. Our thrill for adventure made us become close to one another, especially a certain guy in particular.

He is from France and I am from Canada. One of the reasons we became close because we were both fresh grads and taking a break before going back and looking for a job. I really liked him a lot but I knew that vacation flings do not last. I expected that after my three days in Prague are over, I will never see him again.

But on the day I was to leave for Rome, Italy, he asked me if he can come with me. I was definitely thrilled but at the same time weary. I knew that if I allowed him to be with me, I will feel devastated when my two weeks were over. But I thought to myself, how many times will I ever experience this? So in the end, I decided to live for the moment.

We went to Rome and strolled around the city for three days. By the time we reached the next city which is Barcelona, Spain, we are comfortably holding each other’s hand. My next stop was Paris, France which he knew very well since he’s French though he lives in Orleans. That is where we took our fling to a whole new degree. Yes, I had my taste of a French kiss with him by the Eiffel Tower.

Then, my final day in Paris arrived and I have to leave for London tomorrow while he will go back to his hometown. At that moment, I felt really devastated that our little romance will be over. He accompanied me to the airport. Before I boarded the plane, he told me that he wanted our relationship to continue. At first, I was hesitant, but because I had fallen for him, I said yes.

The following three years went well for us. We meet each other twice a year which involves a lot of traveling. We were able to keep our relationship strong despite the distance. The Internet played a huge role in keeping our relationship strong. And soon enough, we’ll be living together.



Is Traveling Better While In A Relationship?


People would always want to escape to a place to get out of the regular life they had. A lot of people need to travel alone on numerous occasions but a lot of people also think if it is unhealthy if traveling in a relationship.

I initially thought this is a no for people who travel a lot because they lose a lot of time with their partners. However, I came to realize that it is not always the case. In fact, traveling can actually make a relationship even better than before and here is why and how you too can achieve it the way I did.

Alone Time Is Me Time

When I am traveling, I have a lot of alone time. This alone time will help me reflect on myself and focus only on myself. I can do things without taking anyone into consideration or convincing others what I want to do. I also made new friends every time I travel by myself. Do things that you love on your own. This will make you love yourself more. And when you can love yourself more, you can love others more.

Capable On My Own

When traveling with my partner, I tend to rely some things or even everything on her. However, when I traveled alone, this is when I learned how to be independent. I was surprised to realize that I can navigate a city on my own. You will basically be surprised to realize that you can also do what your partner can do when you two are traveling. You will definitely feel more independent and fulfilled after your solo journey.

A Stronger Relationship As A Result

Many people believe that letting your partner travel alone is giving him or her the chance to cheat. I tend to develop an attraction towards one of my new friends. However, infidelity will not occur if a person’s only motive is to travel. If he or she really has a motive to engage in minor hook-ups with other people, he or she is bound to cheat.

The bottom line is traveling alone is actually a love and trust test on a couple. If passed the test, this only means that your relationship is stronger than before.

Stay On Budget

On how I achieve a better relationship with my partner when I travel alone, we just both stay on a strict budget. Money is a common cause of quarrel between me and my partner and traveling can really affect our finances. To avoid extra expenses, we budget our money beforehand and strictly not exceed the budget. My partner also has a budget to avoid spending too much when I am away. With that, we can both have a peace of mind.

Communicate Often

The key to keeping a relationship alive even though you are far away from each other is by communicating a lot. Set a specific time when you will call each other and be committed to it. Failing to do so can cause mishaps on your partner who is waiting for your call.

When I am away, I always tell my partner where I am and where I’ll be next. We also video call each other at least every other day. Most of the time, I let my partner do most of the talking because she definitely needed an outlet more than I do. After all, I am away and enjoying while she is home alone.

Basically, you just have to keep in touch with each other and be committed to your partner at all times. Most of all, do not forget to tell him or her when you are coming home. The best part about traveling is when you get home and the person you love is waiting to welcome you back excitedly.