Can You Fall In Love While Backpacking The World?

couple kissing near the eiffel tower

Fall in love backpacking the world? When people get tired of the everyday routine of their lives, they would want to travel solo to escape reality and have fun. But for some people, they find love while backpacking the world. They meet people of different races like Asian, Latin, Middle Eastern and black singles.

Many people would wonder. Is falling in love while traveling safe? Can you find a long-term relationship in this way? Are there people who successfully found their significant other while backpacking the world? Actually, they did. Here are two true to life love stories of people who fall in love backpacking the world.


The Boy at the Ferry: Story of Jennifer Park

woman on ferryboatBeing a daughter of an interracial married couple, it did cross my mind that I might marry someone out of my race. And I did and this is how I met my husband.

My family always visit Singapore almost every year when I was still a kid and until now. I had a childhood friend back there that I always visit during my family trip there.

But one time, my Singaporean best friend had recently moved to the Philippines. She invited me to visit her and also tour around the Philippines for a week. I agreed.

So when my family and I visited Singapore again, I parted ways and I rode a ferry to Davao City where my friend will meet me. On the ferry boat ride, I met this Filipino guy. He asked if we could share tables because the dining room was already packed. At first, it was awkward but then he began talking.

We talked the whole time we were in the dining room and throughout the night. We enjoyed each other’s company. He was funny and very courteous. He worked in Singapore and he was traveling back to his hometown which coincidentally, was Davao City. He told me about his hometown and his country which made me even more interested. We both knew that we were already smitten to one another.

The trip took us a day and by morning we reached our port destination. He accompanied me until I met my friend. I thought at that moment that was a goodbye for us which made me very sad. But to my joy, it wasn’t. He offered to be our tour guide which me and my friend happily accepted. Then the rest was history.

Two years later we got married then the following years we had twin girls and a boy. But unfortunately, six years after our marriage, my husband died because of lung cancer. But nevertheless, I don’t ever regret meeting him and I make sure my children will never forget their wonderful father.


The European Date: Story by Sherry Robinson

couple kissing near the eiffel towerEver since I was a kid, I had always dreamt of traveling solo. That is why when I graduated from college, I treated myself to a two-week European Tour. On the first three days of my trip, I was in Prague, Czech Republic. I met a couple of solo travelers there and joined them. Our thrill for adventure made us become close to one another, especially a certain guy in particular.

He is from France and I am from Canada. One of the reasons we became close because we were both fresh grads and taking a break before going back and looking for a job. I really liked him a lot but I knew that vacation flings do not last. I expected that after my three days in Prague are over, I will never see him again.

But on the day I was to leave for Rome, Italy, he asked me if he can come with me. I was definitely thrilled but at the same time weary. I knew that if I allowed him to be with me, I will feel devastated when my two weeks were over. But I thought to myself, how many times will I ever experience this? So in the end, I decided to live for the moment.

We went to Rome and strolled around the city for three days. By the time we reached the next city which is Barcelona, Spain, we are comfortably holding each other’s hand. My next stop was Paris, France which he knew very well since he’s French though he lives in Orleans. That is where we took our fling to a whole new degree. Yes, I had my taste of a French kiss with him by the Eiffel Tower.

Then, my final day in Paris arrived and I have to leave for London tomorrow while he will go back to his hometown. At that moment, I felt really devastated that our little romance will be over. He accompanied me to the airport. Before I boarded the plane, he told me that he wanted our relationship to continue. At first, I was hesitant, but because I had fallen for him, I said yes.

The following three years went well for us. We meet each other twice a year which involves a lot of traveling. We were able to keep our relationship strong despite the distance. The Internet played a huge role in keeping our relationship strong. And soon enough, we’ll be living together.



Is Traveling Better While In A Relationship?


People would always want to escape to a place to get out of the regular life they had. A lot of people need to travel alone on numerous occasions but a lot of people also think if it is unhealthy if traveling in a relationship.

I initially thought this is a no for people who travel a lot because they lose a lot of time with their partners. However, I came to realize that it is not always the case. In fact, traveling can actually make a relationship even better than before and here is why and how you too can achieve it the way I did.

Alone Time Is Me Time

When I am traveling, I have a lot of alone time. This alone time will help me reflect on myself and focus only on myself. I can do things without taking anyone into consideration or convincing others what I want to do. I also made new friends every time I travel by myself. Do things that you love on your own. This will make you love yourself more. And when you can love yourself more, you can love others more.

Capable On My Own

When traveling with my partner, I tend to rely some things or even everything on her. However, when I traveled alone, this is when I learned how to be independent. I was surprised to realize that I can navigate a city on my own. You will basically be surprised to realize that you can also do what your partner can do when you two are traveling. You will definitely feel more independent and fulfilled after your solo journey.

A Stronger Relationship As A Result

Many people believe that letting your partner travel alone is giving him or her the chance to cheat. I tend to develop an attraction towards one of my new friends. However, infidelity will not occur if a person’s only motive is to travel. If he or she really has a motive to engage in minor hook-ups with other people, he or she is bound to cheat.

The bottom line is traveling alone is actually a love and trust test on a couple. If passed the test, this only means that your relationship is stronger than before.

Stay On Budget

On how I achieve a better relationship with my partner when I travel alone, we just both stay on a strict budget. Money is a common cause of quarrel between me and my partner and traveling can really affect our finances. To avoid extra expenses, we budget our money beforehand and strictly not exceed the budget. My partner also has a budget to avoid spending too much when I am away. With that, we can both have a peace of mind.

Communicate Often

The key to keeping a relationship alive even though you are far away from each other is by communicating a lot. Set a specific time when you will call each other and be committed to it. Failing to do so can cause mishaps on your partner who is waiting for your call.

When I am away, I always tell my partner where I am and where I’ll be next. We also video call each other at least every other day. Most of the time, I let my partner do most of the talking because she definitely needed an outlet more than I do. After all, I am away and enjoying while she is home alone.

Basically, you just have to keep in touch with each other and be committed to your partner at all times. Most of all, do not forget to tell him or her when you are coming home. The best part about traveling is when you get home and the person you love is waiting to welcome you back excitedly.

The joys of backpacking around the world

backpacker sitting on a mountaintop
For me, backpacking around the world has always been a huge passion. I’ve visited tons of different cities and countries in my time and each adventure has always left me with a deep sense of accomplishment and amazement when it is over. Moreover, these journeys have led me to create this website about why I absolutely love backpacking around the world and why you will too if you ever try it.

The People
First and foremost, when backpacking around the world, whether it be alone or with a friend/group of people, one of the best parts of the whole journey is meeting people in hostels in every city that you visit. Not only are they extremely friendly (most of the time) but take the time out of their day to make you feel welcome and provide you with great company and memories. Furthermore, they tell stories that capture what it’s like to live the backpacking life. Basically, the people you meet along the journey are definitely the major factor that makes you want to go back over anything else. backpackers having fun in hostel

The Food
Secondly, another reason why I truly enjoy traveling around the world is that you get to experience and eat food that you’re not used to or have never tried. Most of the time, the food is absolutely amazing, rich in flavor and taste as well as seasoned with only the best spices and blends that the area has to offer. In other words, it’s great to be able to take a break from the normal breakfast, lunch, and dinners that you’re used to at home and indulge in one of a kind foreign food.

The Scenery/Wildlife
Finally, when traveling through some places around the world, it’s easy to get caught up in your surroundings as some of the cities you travel to and see offer some of the best scenic views. From bushy rain forests and gigantic mountains to the rarest species of animals, many places that you may find yourself traveling through will leave you breathless and in awe of what you are seeing. kangaroo on beach

In conclusion, these are just a few reasons that I can come up with off the top of my head as to why backpacking is one of my favorite past times and why I highly recommend it to anyone who has the time, or the desire to do it.

Books to read while on the road

adorable child reading on book stack







* Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer
* The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
* The Beach by Alex Garland
* The Motorcycle Diaries by Ernesto Guevara
* Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert
* Following Atticus by Tom Ryan
* A Million Steps by Kurt Koontz
* The Art of Travel by Alian de Botton
* Notes from a Small Island by Bill Bryson
* Full Tilt by Dervla Murphy
* Seven Years in Tibet by Heinrich Harrer
* The Backpacker by John Harris
* The Butcher Boy by Patrick McCabe

India Travel Tips

Travel Tips for India

Do you need some tips for travel in India? Check these bad boys out:

  1. Drink lots of chai: Seriously this shit is amazing, and tastes nothing like the chai back home. I lived of chai tea while I was in India. Love, love, love!
  2. Don’t freak out after hearing your can’t bring Rupees into India and then change all your converted money back into dollars before flying to India: I did this when we visited in 2009 even after being told it wasn’t really enforced by an Indian friend. I had already changed some money into rupees but freaked out after being told by the travel agent that I wasn’t allowed to bring the currency into the country. A costly annoyance. You should be fine to take a bit of money over with you, but its up to you, I have since been told by a large amount of people that it is indeed not enforced but if your worried just don’t change your money over until you arrive in the country.
  3. Turn Vegetarian: Three words – paneer butter masala, the most freaking amazing vegetarian dish I have ever eaten. It’s like butter chicken without the chicken, instead with paneer cheese which soaks up the flavours of whatever yummy sauce its placed in. Anyway my point is that Indian food is so full of flavour that you can go vegertarian without missing out on feeling satisfied.
  4. Keep your cool: It can feel like your a walking dollar sign especially in the north of India. Try to keep your temper in check and resist snapping at the people who are trying to sell you items. Just say no, or ignore them and keep on walking.
  5. Find Ranch Pringles (a must for Australians – they aren’t sold there): Oh my fucking god, have you tried ranch pringles? We found them on our first trip to India and I fell in love! We have since found an overpriced packet every now and then in specialty stores back home in Australia but they never seem to taste as good as they did in India. Okay so this isn’t Indian food (it may be American?) but it was great when I wanted a break from all the paneer butter masala I’ve been eating.
  6. Eat in small, hidden cafes: We found the most amazing small restaurant looking over the lake in Udaipur (atleast I think it was Udaipur, I really wish I had taken more notes from my trip) and it was romantic and peaceful and perfect. Seek out smaller establishments, not only will they be cheaper, you get the chance to actually interact with the staff and other customers in these places. We found we would get approached more by locals (not trying to sell us things)  while eating in smaller places simply because they didn’t get a lot of tourists there and we must have been some sort of novelty.
  7. Don’t assume you have to wear hippy pants: I thought everyone would be rocking the hippy pants or comfy fisherman pants but boy was I wrong. Although in saying this we spent time only in the north, so I can’t speak for everywhere in the country. I was surprised by the amount of people wearing jeans… in March (read: extreme heat)! I don’t think I saw a pair of hippy pants (although I must admit I wasn’t looking out for them), even on tourists. So stick to jeans and long skirts/ dresses if you are visiting the cities, you’ll stand out a bit otherwise (more so than you already will). Of course in the wise words of Chris from Skins you could always just say “Fuck it” and wear them anyway if you find them comfortable.
  8. Keep small change: Always.
  9. Pick a place with a good toilet: Chances are you’ll get the, uh,  ’erge to purge’ at some point during your trip so make sure your hotel has a toilet you wouldn’t mind spending a bit of time on. Oh and pack re-hydration powder,
  10. Do a cooking class: We turned this down because it sounded a bit expensive when we were there and we both totally regretted it. Turns out sometimes they will quote you a higher price when others in the class have come from a pricier tour so you won’t accidentally let it slip that you paid less than the others; the people from our tour group who did do the class got a price nearly half the price of the one mentioned originally.
  11. Visit a wildlife sanctuary: India has animals? Yes, it sure does. I wasn’t too keen on this part of the trip in the beginning but it ended up being one of the highlights of my trip even though we only saw the tiniest bit of a tiger. Oh and the sunset at Ranthambore after a day of animal stalking is simply AMAZING, I have never seen the sun so large and it has been my favourite sunset to date. There aren’t too many animals to see though, but I still loved it.
  12. Talk Cricket: As soon as we mentioned we were Australians every single person that we met started talking about cricket, and those who were trying to sell us things even told us they knew Ricki Ponting (this happened in like four stores – he must be popular with the Indian crowd…). Now I have no idea who Ricki Ponting is (or even if he spells his name in that way) but my boyfriend did, and he found it to be a great way to connect with new people while we were over there even if they were just talking shit.
  13. Join a family or group of friends for a game of Holi: Even though I had some apprehension about going into a stranger’s house it was a lovely way to get smashed over the head with water and paint. Oh and the colour doesn’t come out too easy, I had pink in my hair for like a month, and on my skin for the next few days. No matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t wash it out.
  14. Stay in a castle: Not for your whole stay since it´s a little touristy but try it atleast once. Where else can you stay in an stunning castle for a low price? Not in Australia, that’s for sure.
  15. Get your haggle on: Oh I was fab at haggling, well at the ‘being a hard arse’ part not so much at getting a deal as good as the locals. Even if you don’t want to drive the price down haggling is expected and is a fun little game. Of course you have to remember that this is the shopkeepers livelihood so don’t take it too far but do give it a fair go.

Swimming With Whale Sharks In Cancun: Amazeballs.

Swimming with Whale Sharks is one of the most incredible underwater encounters you can have around the world, however it can only be done in certain locations at certain times. These locations include the Philippines, Australia, Honduras and Mexico among a few other select destinations worldwide.

I personally recommend doing your whale shark swim in Cancun or Isla Holbox in Mexico (especially if it will be your first encounter) since here you are offered a guarantee of swimming with the creatures at most shops. So you know you´ll get your money´s worth unlike in other destinations where while the price might be a little cheaper (such as in the Utila Bay Island, Honduras) but comes with no guarantee and a much lower probability of seeing and swimming with the gentle giants.

When you go whale shark swimming in Cancun not only do you get great visibility and the aforementioned guarantee you also get a price much cheaper than you would swimming with the same attraction in the western world (such as in my lovely home in Australia). Prices in Cancun start from $125 with the median price around $150 – $160. Be aware when choosing tours based on the cheapest price (aka those under $150) as you get what you pay for and there may be no guarantees with these tours so always check beforehand.

The beauty of these tours are that they are out in the open ocean and the whale sharks are free to come and go as they pleased and it is a much better option than doing something similar at a water park. There are strict regulations governing human interaction with the whale sharks such as strict rules against the amount of swimmers in the water at once and that the giant fish must not be touched in any way, shape or form.

The tour begins with an early pick up from your hotel and a drive out to the wharf. My tour guide even stopped for some of us to get sea sickness pills on the way so if you suffer from sea sickness and you can´t speak Spanish ask your guide to help you out on the way (I went with Eco Color Whale Sharks Tours).

Once arrived at the wharf you will, depending on your tour, get a small breakfast to eat before the ride and the option to hire a wetsuit. You´ll also have the chance to use the bathrooms before hopping on your speed boat and jetting off to whale shark central.

It takes a little while to get out to the spot but if you’re as lucky as we were you’ll begin to see the whale sharks gliding through the water on arrival.

If there was any doubt before hand of us actually seeing the sharks, let alone swimming with them it was shaken away as soon as we arrived at the swim spot. Multiple whalesharks darting around freely and gracefully got our group rather excited before even jumping into the water.

Once you’ve arrived you’ll jump in at pairs of two at a time to swim with the whale sharks. Remember to jump in as soon as th guide says so and you’ll have to swim fast to keep up with them otherwise you might miss them. The experience itself is amazing, if not short, and being able to swim so near to these giant, peaceful beings seems like such a privilege.

You’ll get a couple of turns each pair, have some lunch (often provided) and then often the tours will whisk you off to either a snorkelling spot or a pretty beach such as Isla Mujeres (which is hands down one of the best beaches in the Yucatan). After that you’ll head back to the wharf and (depending on your tours description) get dropped off back at your hotel.

The tour takes a full day and while being a strong swimmer isn’t a neccessity, it definately helps when trying to catch up with the Whale Sharks. Just remember that you are out in the open ocean so you should be able to swim moderately well and you may see other creatures while in the water. We saw a manta ray on one of our swims which I quickly swan away from as I am terrified of them.

He’s motioning for me to come closer but I of course am run-swimming in the opposite direction!

Snorkelling with Whale Sharks is a tour you can’t miss if you are visiting the Yucatan during the season and could very possibly be the highlight of your trip. Please see the video below for a short, bumpy look into one of my swims with these graceful creatures.

Your Checklist For Booking A Whale Shark Swim

  •  Does the company offer a whale shark guarantee?
  • Do they comply with environmental and set guidelines (aka not touching the whale sharks, within the correct period)?
  • Is the tour between July and September?
  • Is wetsuit hire include in the price ? Since wetsuits are optional most tours wont include this extra, if you want one and its not offered make sure you bring currency with you to hire the suit at the docks. If I remember correctly this was between 12 & 13 US dollars, and was payable in Pesos or US currency (however I would confirm if US currency is accepted before solely bringing it).